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We don’t have a fixed profile of what we’re looking for, as great mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and can offer valuable support to our entrepreneurs. We’re also not necessarily looking for decades of experience – someone just a little further ahead in their journey can be a very effective mentor.

A great number of our mentors are business owners themselves, but we also welcome mentors who are not entrepreneurs themselves but can offer specialist advice in a key area (such as Marketing or Ecommerce) or Intrapreneurs working as employees in larger organisations.

Although it is appreciated, you do not need to have had any prior mentoring experience. We prefer real-life business experience – people who have been there and done it.

Are you….

  1. An Experienced Entrepreneur, Specialist or Corporate Intrapreneur, with valuable experiences and know-how to share? 
  2. Able to commit to a monthly mentoring session (conducted face to face, over video/phone call and/or emails), over a minimum period of 6 months? 
  3. Able to give unbiased guidance, constructive feedback and support the mentee to make their own decisions?

Read our full Mentor Manifesto on what we think makes a brilliant mentor.   

Read Manifesto here

Help a generation of entrepreneurs to reach their potential

“Mentoring is largely about understanding your mentee and their ambitions, providing encouragement and passing on knowledge and experience and explaining a few dos and don’ts along the way. The enjoyment for me is seeing energetic young people make their way in the world and if I can make a small contribution to that, then that’s all the better”

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