Clive Poole

Company: X2Furniture
Role: Director
Areas of Expertise: General Business // Business Planning // Sales // Marketing

Clive Poole gained a B Com degree from Birmingham University in 1976. He qualified as Chartered Accountant – ACA in 1980 with Robson Rhodes and became FCA in 1991. Clive has 5 years experience in the accountancy profession in Audit and Investigations. Clive then worked for 8 years in industry with 3 companies as Accountant, Financial Controller and then Financial Director.

Clive started his own office supplies business and ran it for 8 years before selling it.

He worked for the largest UK independent office supplies company as Midlands Business Development Director & Regional Sales Manager for 15 years.

Clive started a print brokerage business in 2012 and a furniture business in 2014.

Clive has been a board member of the Lichfield Chamber of Commerce since 2014 He was also the winner of BSEEN’s Most Supportive Mentor Award in 2015.

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