Eddie Stableford

Company: BrandClock
Role: Founder
Areas of Expertise: Food & Drink Industry

Eddie’s career spans 42 years in branding, innovation and marketing and he has an enviable food and drink brand portfolio which spans from the multiple-retailers (Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Co-op), through major food manufacturers (Premier Foods, ABF) to entrepreneurial start-ups and emerging brands with whom Eddie has a great empathy as he is passionate about making new brands become success stories. Indeed, he has three millionaire success stories to his name.

He has given presentations on ‘Grey Consumers’ at Leatherhead, ‘The last 3 feet’ at the FDIN, ‘Reduce, Re-use & Recycle’ in Dublin, ‘Branding for Export’ at EEDA and ‘21st Century Brands’ at The Marketing Forum as well as various presentations on strategy, trends and branding.

He has also contributed to numerous magazine and newspaper articles and also appeared on television and radio where he has given expert comment.

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