Entrepreneur of the Month: Endure Healthy

Miranda is a University of Birmingham graduate who has a mission and a passion to help people with their mental health. Miranda devises bespoke programmes and other types of support to empower people to overcome life difficulties whilst fulfilling their full potential.

Miranda, tell us about yourself…

“My name is Miranda Jarrett and I am a resilient and determined individual who has worked in the social care sector for over 20yrs, which has been a great avenue in my mission and passion to help others. I am a mother of 4 so have my hands full at times but I wouldn’t change it! Throughout life we all face challenges. l have overcome a series of traumatic challenges which was far from easy. My own mental health was deeply affected and challenged my abilities to finish my BA but I got there in the end. This was noticed by my University who put me forward for an Honorary Award for overcoming challenges whilst studying and l am proud to say that I received the award! This was a catalyst for my career journey. These experiences and my passion for helping others spurred me into using my experience to set up a service which mentors others who face challenges. After many years, l returned to studying and completed my Masters in Business which was an amazing achievement for me considering all l went through and my fears of studying again. Nevertheless, l am glad l did it and gained a Distinction in Enterprise Business Management!”

Tell us more about your start up…

“Endure Healthy is a service which works with individuals empowering them with tools to overcome life obstacles whilst fulfilling their true potential! Our mission is to help and empower individuals globally. Established in 2017, Endure Healthy has been on its own journey in getting noticed as a valuable service which has worked with a high proportion of clients suffering from a mental health issue. I found my own experiences to be invaluable in supporting and empathising with others. The aim of our service is to take all clients on a journey to discover a healthier mindset in a unique way, resulting in individuals who have increased confidence, understand their purpose and have a starting action plan to run with. Some focal points look at the physical and the mental well-being of a person which facilitates in creating bespoke programmes for their journey.”

What made you jump at the chance of coming on BSEEN?

“I was attracted to BSEEN by the idea of learning something new and the opportunity to meet other budding entrepreneurs. I knew that completing the BSEEN programme would give me exposure to understanding the ‘how’ of the entrepreneurial journey for a novice like me. This was very important to me because I was moving into a whole new industry from anything l have ever known.”

What do you think you have learned the most from your BSEEN journey?

“What l learnt from BSEEN the most and really helped to put things into perspective, was understanding ‘customer profiling’ and the role this plays in the ‘customer journey’ which links with when and how you market your product or service. The intricacies of this were covered in-depth, and this challenged the way l thought about my target audience.”

What has been your business stand out moment since being on BSEEN?

“Since leaving BSEEN l had a boost of confidence about the service l was providing and the potential of what the service could achieve. I understood more about the level of commitment required to be successful and the importance of actually being ‘seen’. Endure Healthy featured in a series of family sport day sessions with a fantastic charity ‘Sense’. This was a unique opportunity which we took on gladly. l had a fantastic fitness instructor who shared the values of Endure Healthy. The instructor enjoyed working with able bodied and disabled children shaping our services to meet their needs and watching all the smiles of the families involved. We also had the opportunity to host a team building day for a charity which works with a number of young adults and it was a lot of fun! Endure Healthy had the privilege to be a guest speaker as part of Mental Health Awareness week, working with a global company called Adecco and supporting their ‘Time to change pledge’. This was a great opportunity to share experiences and highlight the importance of seeking help. What is more, we had the opportunity to discuss the value of employers taking charge of the well-being of their staff. In 2019 some partnerships l made in delivering the service came to an end which left me in a position questioning how l would continue to deliver the service and more questions as to whether or not Endure Healthy would be a one hit wonder. Using the knowledge gained from BSEEN and my business degree, I diversified the service to offer more Bespoke programmes which have been very successful. This has helped me overcome my own battles of self-confidence about whether people would still welcome the service with the new changes. l have continued my journey in helping individuals to overcome obstacles whilst fulfilling their true potential, sharing my own experiences along the way.”

Any advice for entrepreneurial students or graduates thinking about starting their own business?

“I would say go for it. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ as my grandmother always said. It’s a win-win, and yes things may not always go to plan, but you will always gain, whether that is knowledge, experience, finances and/or great connections. It’s all for your own benefit.

Setting realistic goals is also a great start and also have someone who can hold you accountable for your decision making.

Having a great Business Model is the most fundamental element to your business being able to move forward. Understand this as best as you can.”

What are your next steps for your business?

“Endure Healthy has a lot of work to do and we want to work with as many people as possible. I aim to form long term partnerships with organisations, deliver key workshops to people and move into expanding the team. In the short term, I would like to develop our social media presence and marketing strategy. I also aim to build new connections and increase the number of clients that use our service, with a target of 100 clients within the next 6 months. If you are interested in knowing more about Endure Healthy, please subscribe to our website www.endurehealthy.com or visit us on Instagram @EndureHealthy or email me at: endurehealthy@gmail.com

Find out more information about Endure Healthy by heading to their Website or Instagram.

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