Become a BSEEN Mentor

Help to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur or business professional with a strong interest in developing others?

Are you able to empower others to identify their own needs and develop their own solutions?

Are you open, willing to listen to others, and offer advice without judgement?

What Does a Mentor Do?

Support and guidance for student and graduate entrepreneurs

As a collaborative partnership between Aston University and Birmingham City University, BSEEN’s goal is to help support students and graduates set up their business in the West Midlands.

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Why become a mentor?

We think there are many benefits to joining the mentoring scheme. Here are the main reasons our mentors tell us they love being involved.

1. Give back

Share your expertise and knowledge with someone right at the start of the entrepreneurial journey, where you can have a huge impact.

2. Be part of the BSEEN community

You’ll join our 50+ strong community of mentors, as well as hundreds of our current and alumni businesses. We run regular networking events and facilitate connections within the community.

3. Be inspired

BSEEN entrepreneurs are passionate and raring to go – many of our mentors are energised from working with them, and find they pick up new ideas and perspectives as well.

Help a generation of entrepreneurs to reach their potential

“Mentoring is largely about understanding your mentee and their ambitions, providing encouragement and passing on knowledge and experience and explaining a few dos and don’ts along the way. The enjoyment for me is seeing energetic young people make their way in the world and if I can make a small contribution to that, then that’s all the better”

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