Green Sisters promoting Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food

BSEEN alumna Reena Salhan, a co-founder of a West Midlands based Indian food firm called Green Sisters, is ‘Promoting Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food’. Green Sisters launched a crowdfunding project to raise £2,000 to reach a wider audience by increasing production of their popular Vegan, Free From Samosas, new Spice Pots & Chutneys. Also sharing their authentic Indian know-how with simple, easy to follow recipes & vlogs that anyone can re-create a delish vegan & allergen friendly meal!

This week, Green Sisters Ltd have launched a crowdfunding campaign as part of and Go Daddy’s ‘What’s Your Idea?’ campaign. They are looking to ‘Promote Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food’. They are now crowdfunding to raise £2000 so that people with special dietary needs can access great tasting vegan, ‘free-from’ food with premium flavour and quality irrespective of diet.

The £2,000 raised on will be used to work in a suitable allergen friendly kitchen space and share recipes and spices with their customers. By supporting and pledging on their project, you can expect to pick up one of their fantastic rewards in return, such as ‘Spicin’ it Up’ with a trio of new aromatic spice blends or rewarding yourself with an ‘Indian Free-From Treasure Chest’ including an assortment of Green Sisters delights, or even an exclusive Indian Summer Hamper, which will be sure to make anyone feel like an Indian Raja or Rani (King or Queen).

Delivered in partnership with GoDaddy, ‘What’s Your Idea?’ kicked off in early February and offered the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. Running over seven different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved via Facebook. Green Sisters mission of promoting Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food was announced as one of the winners of £1,000 on the Export Idea themed day, delivered in partnership with IFX Capital.

Guy Hayler, Head of Partnerships at, said, “With over 2,000 entries throughout What’s Your Idea?, we were faced with a huge decision! The quality of every single project involved and going live on 14th March is truly incredible and we can’t wait to see how they all get on.”

Geeta Salhan, Project Owner behind ‘Promote Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food’said, “Winning £1,000 and receiving support from Crowdfunder, GoDaddy and Capital IFX has given us the confidence to really take a step forward with our business idea! We’re hoping that the project will “empower individuals to not only be able to access great tasting food more readily, but also to recreate recipes for themselves, friends and families, so that we may all share the same meals irrespective of diet.”

Promote Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food is now open and ready for your crowdfunding support for just two weeks. With some incredible rewards on offer to help break food barriers through the provision of extremely tasty, high quality, authentic Indian produce; that is free-from the 14 major food allergens – you do not want to miss out! Make your pledge on

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