Entrepreneur of the Month: Work Simplr

Shrevan Marath is a Birmingham City University graduate who found a co-working platform for students. 

Shrevan, tell us about yourself…

“I am Shrevan Marath, a graduate in BSc Sound Engineering and Production from Birmingham City University. Since graduating in 2016 I started developing a business model that would change the way potential employers visualise and approve of my skills and talents. So I left the path of sound engineering and events production to become an entrepreneur and innovator in technology and more specifically in the gig working space.”

Tell us more about your start up…

“Work Simplr Ltd was founded in 2019 with an aim to provide students with a platform to share ideas, work with each other and develop professional skills. During my time at university,I felt that something in this area was missing and this led me to discover a gap in the market. That ‘something’ was the inability to validate a students work done while helping their colleagues, working on projects together and most importantly the lack of access to the vast network of students around them.”

What made you jump at the chance of coming on BSEEN?

“Being an international student, setting up a company in the UK is a major hurdle in the field of entrepreneurship. Birmingham City University and the BSEEN programme endorsed the Work Simplr idea/model/vision/ethos coming to the UK and helped us set up our dream. The boot camp, advice and access to the other BSEEN involved universities, showed our founders the possibility of providing Work Simplr’s services to all of the Birmingham students and young entrepreneurs.”

What do you think you have learned the most from your BSEEN journey?

“BSEEN has shown me the possibilities of a small start-up like ours and what we could potentially achieve. By providing the education and guidance along with the network of possibilities, BSEEN has been a motivational pathway for Work Simplr’s team. “

What has been your business stand out moment since being on BSEEN?

“The BSEEN networking events and access to universities has shown us the reality of what Work Simplr could provide to the average student. The idea has been tested and proved viable over many conversations and through multiple networking events. We were amazed at the support and praise that we received by potential customers.”

Any advice for entrepreneurial students or graduates thinking about starting their own business?

“If you are passionate about it and believe in it, keep going. I have met a lot of people who told me that they support the vision and see it becoming a success because of me and my passion behind it. So as long as you have a passionate project, people will follow you and believe in you. “

What are your next steps for your business?

“We are proud to announce that the Beta version of our platform is now live and available to use for all students for free, just head to www.worksimplr.com. We look forward to having all of you on there, eager to connect, collaborate and create new ideas.Our next steps are to expand nationwide and also introduce a lot more exciting elements to our platform. “


Find out more information about Work Simplr by heading to their Website, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn page. 

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