Entrepreneur of the Month: Kryjer

Shivang Mehra is an Aston University graduate who graduated with a degree in Business and Management but has always been passionate about sports apparel. 

Shivang, tell us about yourself…

“My name is Shivang Mehra. I graduated from Aston University in 2017 with a degree in Business and Management. With an interest in sports and fashion, I always aspired to embark on a venture in the sports apparel industry. Aston University gave me the opportunity to work in a big corporation through which I built my pragmatic business skills. This is when I decided to follow my dream and build ‘KRYJER’, my own sportswear brand.”

Tell us more about your start up…

“In 2015, while I was going through a health transformation I discovered that there was a need for a clothing brand that offered durable, quality products for competitive prices and at the same time was also a brand for everyone. This is when I came up with the idea of starting my own sportswear brand, KRYJER. The aim was to overcome the gap in the Activewear/Sportswear market. Kryjer is a premium sportswear brand offering high quality Activewear and Technical apparel.

Many people ask me what KRYJER really means? Kryjer is derived from a Dutch Word ‘Krijger’ (Pronounced Kry’Jer) that means ‘Warrior’. Our team believes that everyone associated with KRYJER is in some way or another a “Warrior” fighting to achieve something big and make a difference.”

What made you jump at the chance of coming on BSEEN?

“For an international student like myself, setting up a business in the UK is an ordeal.  After my placement year in 2016, I researched the sportswear market and started looking for ways in which I could set up my own business that would function smoothly in the UK. That’s when a friend of mine recommended BSEEN. I then started discussing my business idea and business plan with the BSEEN team. I was really pleased with their patience, effort and understanding. BSEEN helped me all the way through my venture. The team not only resolved my problems but also guided me throughout the initial phase of my start-up.”

What do you think you have learned the most from your BSEEN journey?

“I believe that my experience with BSEEN empowered and encouraged me to start KRYJER. Not only that but it also gave me the opportunity to attend workshops and networking events where I learnt skills which in my opinion are essential for any budding entrepreneur. Besides that, during these seminars I came across business experts with impeccable knowledge and willingness to support others like myself.

My journey on BSEEN motivated and inspired me to overcome all hurdles and build KRYJER into a world renowned sportwear brand.”

What has been your business stand out moment since being on BSEEN?

“Fortunately, my time with BSEEN gave me multiple platforms where I have popularized KRYJER. It has helped spread awareness among people and gain support for our vision. 

My biggest motivator is to see people wearing KRYJER. It inspires us to “keep it going” and develop better products for everyone.”

Any advice for entrepreneurial students or graduates thinking about starting their own business?

“My best advice is to ‘Keep dreaming big and keep trying hard’. I think it is really important for everyone to give their dreams a try and wherever or whenever needed ask for help and guidance.”

What are your next steps for your business?

“The next steps for KRYJER are to design and innovate better and more unique products for all athletes that not just look good but also complement their training. Along with this, we will stay focused on becoming a pioneer Activewear Label for Everyone!”


Find out more information about KRYJER by heading to their Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page or Website

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