Should your business be on social media?


I wanted to write a piece of content that would appeal to most businesses on the BSEEN program and it seems logical to write something that relates very closely to web and marketing… And that is social media. Now, social media appears to be a magical marketing bullet but it takes a lot of time to nurture and depending on the nature of your clients, may or may not be the right thing to invest in. What we have found is that the choosing the right platform really matters!

Business to Consumer:

Here really is where social media shines. It allows you to personally engage with your client base and through social channels be able to regularly communicate your brand and value’s to them. Having a lot of fans/followers is in principal the same as building a comprehensive marketing list to nurture regularly.

Business to Business:

I’ve found in this space that Facebook and Twitter of lower importance in this space. This isn’t to say ignore them as we have had good business from these channels, just be aware of it when deciding where to invest your time. Personally I think the likes of linked-in and linked-in premium are a far better way to get in front of key decision makers and to leverage your networks to get in touch with the right people.

So what next?

Fortunately we have written a quality free 15-page social media paper that covers a lot of up-to-date market research and guidelines for what you should be doing in the social sphere. Hopefully it should give you that all important information edge when approaching your digital marketing.

Download our free Social Media White-Paper >

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