BSEEN warmly welcomes participants from all sectors of the community and is committed to adopting policies and procedures which will ensure that service users and potential service users of the programme are treated equally regardless of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, political belief, or religion.

BSEEN is committed to ensuring impartiality and equality of opportunity in the delivery of its service. We will not discriminate unlawfully when selecting participants.

Monitoring and Disclosure

Monitoring is an essential element of our Equal Opportunities Policy. We ask you to provide monitoring information to us as the information collected about users of our services helps us to determine whether discrimination is occurring.

All monitoring information will remain confidential to the BSEEN team unless you give us permission to disclose it to a third party. It will be used in an anonymous form to provide statistical information to our funders as part of the project reporting mechanism.


The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures within BSEEN are up-to-date and monitored on a regular basis. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that staff training needs are met. All BSEEN staff are responsible for delivering and promoting this Equal Opportunities Policy as an integral part of their work with all service users.