Entrepreneur of the Month: Unlimited You

Dani Roberts is a recent MSc in Entrepreneurship and International Business graduate and a founder of Unlimited You.

Dani, tell us about yourself…

“My name is Dani, I just turned 23 and I’m from Birmingham. I graduated from Aston University earlier this year with an MSc in Entrepreneurship and International Business. I have always loved sport and exercise but growing up with a disability meant that opportunities to get involved were becoming more and more difficult the older I became. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy and active and I knew more opportunities needed to be provided to people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, so I decided to start Unlimited You.”

Tell us more about your start up…

“Unlimited You is a platform that will allow people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to have access to accessible, easy to follow exercise programmes whilst also providing healthy and balanced food recipes. But more than that, Unlimited You is hoping to create a community where everyone is welcome and all members support each other on their journey to become healthier and happier individuals.”

What made you jump at the chance of coming on BSEEN?

“During my time studying at Aston, I became aware of BSEEN through several modules on my degree as BSEEN delivered workshops for us. This gave me a taster of what to expect if I joined BSEEN and I just thought that it was great that students all over Birmingham were being given the opportunity to start businesses with support and guidance from BSEEN. I just knew that I had to join.”

What do you think you have learned the most from your BSEEN journey?

“The biggest thing I have taken away from my BSEEN journey so far is the need for patience. Everything takes so much longer than you think it will take but it’s worth taking a little extra time and making sure that you are happy with where your business is at prior to launching. It’s extremely important to take time to ensure that you have all the building blocks in place so that when things go wrong or they don’t turn out exactly as you’d have hoped for, you know what to do.”

What has been your business stand out moment since being on BSEEN?

“To date, the biggest stand out moment on BSEEN was having the opportunity to join the Gymshark Incubator. If it wasn’t for BSEEN and the support and guidance they provided, I would never have been ready to pitch to a big company like Gymshark. Since then, the business has developed even more.”

Any advice for entrepreneurial students or graduates thinking about starting their own business?

“Just go for it. People may tell you that it is too risky or you may think that you don’t have the knowledge and resources to start and run a company but without trying and giving it a go you will never truly know. Nowadays, there is a lot of support available for entrepreneurs so you just have to be brave and take the first step of your entrepreneurial journey.”

What are your next steps for your business?

“The next steps for Unlimited You will be to launch! It’s taken a lot of time and effort to be where we are and we just can’t wait to launch so everyone can see what we’ve been working so hard on.”


Find out more information about Unlimited You by heading to their Facebook page or Website.

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