Entrepreneur of the Month: KudlBox

Victoria Masso originally from Venezuela, studied Sound Engineering in Liverpool and a masters in International in International Business at Aston University. She is the founder of KudlBox which provides products for woman who wish to relieve their period symptoms in a healthy yet enjoyable way.

Take it away Victoria…

“In a culture afraid to talk about women’s bodies, we want to embrace an event that happens to half of the population every month that is still a taboo. We provide women with a box full of goodies, delivered right to their door within hours or monthly by  subscription. All the items contained are specially selected to naturally counter unpleasant symptoms, resulting in a more comfortable and happy period. KudlBox is a company which revolves around beating the period stigma and raising respect and awareness surrounding women’s health. KudlBox aims to remain an eco-friendly and cruelty free company, and will only work with companies that share this ethos. Every time you buy a KudlBox, part of the money goes into charities that supply hygiene products to women, that do not have access to them and charities that support women’s education, health and dignity.”

What’s been your proudest moment?

“Having being able to surround myself with outstanding and kind people, which I call my family, but are also the people I look up to.”

What do you think you have learnt the most from your BSEEN journey?

“That you need to be prepared for many NOs before a YES, but that YES is going to make the difference. Also to surround yourself with people that are better than you and create quality connections.”

Most supportive part of the BSEEN programme?

“The mentoring they provide and their ongoing support.”

Any advice for entrepreneurial students or graduates thinking about starting their own business? 

“Get out there and do it. If you don’t start, you won’t get anywhere. The Lean Start-up Methodology is your friend.”

What are your next steps for your business?

“We are looking for investment at the moment and we are working on improving our delivery system.”


Head to KudlBox’s website to find out more information.


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