Green Sisters at the Virgin’s Voom 2018 competition

Green Sisters are promoting inclusion through their authentic, award-winning and allergen-friendly range and have entered Virgin’s Voom 2018 competition. The competition will help Green Sisters to reach a wider audience and make their Vegan, ‘Free-From’ Samosas, Spice Pots & Chutneys more accessible.

Green Sisters produce deliciously tasty, award-winning range of Gluten-Free Samosas, wrapped in a crisp protein-based pastry. Their core range is free from all 14 major allergens and are wonderfully tempting whether they are baked or fried! Not only do they have a product range that suits all tastes and needs, but they also use ingredients with true health credentials, such as turmeric, cinnamon and vegetables.

Green Sisters have entered Voom 2018 and are now striving to increase their votes and awareness so that people with special dietary needs can access great tasting Vegan, ‘Free-From’ food with premium flavour and quality, irrespective of diet.

Your votes during this initial stage of the Voom competition will help Green Sisters to reach the top 80 candidates, which will see them progress to the semi-final. At this stage, they will have the opportunity to pitch their company to a panel of judges and confidently progress to the final. Your votes will help raise awareness for Green Sisters throughout the competition, and will increase their chances of winning a share of funds to scale production of their products and share recipes and spices with their customers. By supporting them in this competition, you will contribute to Green Sisters journey in making their products readily available nationwide, allowing them to further promote food inclusion.

Reena Salhan, co-founder of Green Sisters, states “Being frustrated by dietary limitations and individuals having to constantly miss out, we are now so passionate about breaking food barriers and including everyone in the eating experience. Through our authentic range of allergen-friendly samosas, we have made it our business to bring back to the table the food that we love to share; so that whether you are limited by a diet (or not), you can still enjoy deliciously tasty food that is truly free from compromise.”

Voting for Voom 2018 is currently open, but closes on the 15th of May. Time is of the essence so please support Green Sisters on their journey. To vote, please go to or simply go to and type in ‘Green Sisters’. It only takes 20 seconds to vote and is completely free. So, please support Green Sisters, a young, vibrant, honest start-up in achieving this goal and perhaps you may see them in your local store soon! Thank you for your support!

For corporate catering or retail packages please contact Green Sisters at, to promote diversity and inclusion through food.

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