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Michael McLeod studied for an MSc in Integrative Physiology at the University of Birmingham. He was aware that some items being discarded in university skips would be of considerable value if resold in the used goods market. He was also conscious of the environmental aspect of discarding these items.

UniGreenScheme was registered in 2015 and aims to divert waste from universities and other entities into the used goods market so they do not end up in landfill. This results in a profit for the university and a smaller impact on the environment.

Michael had limited experience of business but through the BSEEN training and subsequent workshops, he learned enough to start his business. He highly commends the advisors and appreciated the structure of the programme. According to Michael, “joining BSEEN has been the most useful decision I have made since starting in entrepreneurship”.

As part of the BSEEN programme, Michael received one-to-one support which enabled him to develop a business model and get his university scheme established. Michael doubts that his business would have succeeded without BSEEN and claims that the advice and support he received was fundamental to him getting his business off the ground. Michael highly recommends that people take advantage of the programme as it is extremely beneficial.

Since formation, Michael launched a highly successful networking drive. In one year Michael has convinced ten universities to approve the sale of unwanted items including electricals through his service. He has been successful in his efforts by understanding that large organisations such as universities are made of people. Understanding, sympathising and building rapport with the people of that organisation has built the foundation for organisational change. As a result, he was awarded the BSEEN Award for Networking in 2015.

UniGreen Scheme hopes to expand to more universities and other businesses in the future.