Monique Lee Millinery

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Monique Lee Millinery

Monique Lee graduated from Birmingham City University with a PhD in Fashion. Monique has also taught on the Birmingham City University MA Fashion Design and Promotion courses and BA Textile Retail Management course. Her work experience includes fashion styling, smart garment and sportswear research, design projects, fashion trend forecasting and international design collaboration.

Each Monique Lee Millinery hat is designed and hand-crafted and takes around seven to eight hours to produce, after weeks of extensive research. Hats are available for private hire, can be custom-made headpieces or hats for concerts, horse races and weddings. Monique Lee Millinery is also available for fashion runway shows, magazine editorial photoshoots and commercial campaign collaborations.

Monique made her first hat for Royal Ascot Ladies Day in 2013 and it was featured in over 100 media outlets. In 2014, Monique won the People’s Choice Award in VOGUE VTalents as well as becoming a finalist in at the Midlands Fashion Awards 2013. Monique has produced hats for high profile clients including vocalist Eleanor Rose of Electric Swing Circus to wear and perform at Glastonbury and other festivals.

Monique commented that the BSEEN training was “useful for insights into accounts and legal issues, and I am very grateful for the support and funding to help with my business expenses”.

Monique is looking forward to collaborating with more fashion designers for fashion catwalk shows and making hats for creative campaigns.