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Jonny Driscoll completed an MSc in Material Science at the University of Birmingham. He always had a strong interest in social, environmental and technological issues, particularly within the Higher Education sector. Jonny is a natural leader as an undergraduate, he set up an entertainment company and was president of two university societies. Jonny firmly believes that every student should engage within the university community both in and outside their studies so he set up a business to enhance student involvement with Higher Education.

LoopdLife, founded in 2014, is a cloud-based software company that combines a private social network with learning technology in the Further and Higher Education sectors. Within the current model, institutions licence the software on a fee per student basis and it enables students and staff to share knowledge and work together. As the software is provided on a restricted basis, users are guaranteed that they will not be targeted by third parties.

BSEEN inspired Jonny to “invent and then develop ideas”, helping him to set up a business that “will revolutionise how educational opportunities and staff/student interactions are communicated in many universities throughout the UK, and eventually the world”. Jonny had regular meetings with the BSEEN team and benefitted from the input and advice of a business enterprise consultant.

Jonny has successfully developed a software system that has been rolled out to several institutions in the UK who have agreed to 36-month contracts. LoopdLife has the potential to reach all 500,000 Higher Education students in the UK. Jonny won the BSEEN Award for Innovation in 2015.