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Sam Jones graduated from Aston University in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. Whilst he was at university he worked for a company which was being piloted by the Engineering and Applied Sciences department. Sam really enjoyed working with this company and became friends with a fellow student who worked there called David Bennett. The two of them decided that they wanted to put their skills to use by developing a software business of their own.

They called their new company Codevate and launched it in 2013 with the support of BSEEN. Codevate is a bespoke software company that works with start-ups and SMEs in the West Midlands. The company builds bespoke software products and helps clients to innovate in their respective sectors.

The BSEEN workshops and mentorship provided Codevate with important business skills, such as the ability to engage with people, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team, and improve their understanding of how to market their business. BSEEN provided the business with a grant to buy the equipment necessary for testing their software in different environments. Sam felt that the most useful aspect of the support was the included office space, which was in an extremely convenient location.

Codevate quickly grew out of the BSEEN incubator and now rent their own office space at Birmingham Innovation Campus. The company has exceeded all financial growth projections set out in their initial 2014-2015 business plan. In order to grow, the company needed more staff so that it could meet customer demands, so have now hired more developers.

Codevate were selected to represent Aston University at the national Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. Recently they were awarded the Most Progressed BSEEN Business at a Project Celebration event. They are currently expanding the core team and hope to start offering graduate apprenticeships and additional services such as IT support and a helpdesk.