Choirs at Work

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Choirs at Work

Alexandra graduated with a Music degree from Birmingham Conservatoire in 2012 and realised that she wanted to maintain the musical skills that she had developed and generate an income. Alexandra was interested in the health and social benefits of music and wanted to harness them in a meaningful way. She knew that the only way to monetise her musical talent was through an entrepreneurial route. Alexandra knew from her research that workplace choirs were beginning to gain momentum as a lot of employers were investing in them and this motivated her to set up her business.

Choirs at Work has been in operation since 2014 and runs work-based choirs in Birmingham and London. The business provides team-building exercises that aim to motivate and energise employees within the workplace environment. These can take the form of weekly rehearsals or one-off, high energy conference sessions.

Employees see an increased sense of community within their office, improved mental and physical health, the satisfaction that comes from a new challenge and not forgetting the opportunity to network with other branches of the organisation through singing. For employers, the choirs create a common link across offices and they can be used for marketing and fundraising.

The company has a director and several freelance employees. It has choirs from York to London and works with many corporate teams and charities and has found that the service has also been popular amongst housing organisations. Current customers include: Macmillan Cancer Support (two branches), Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority, The Law Society, Southwark Council, Perry Common Community Association, Her Majesty’s Prison Service and Extra Care.

BSEEN provided Alexandra with financial support that enabled her to buy IT equipment. She also received accountancy support which empowered her to do her own accounts and saved her the cost of an accountant. Alexandra was allocated a mentor in the arts industry who helped with recruiting and management skills. Alexandra credits BSEEN with giving her the confidence to make the business bigger than she imagined and was given helpful advice along the way.

Alexandra is continuing to work on her business and plans to expand her service to more clients. Choirs at Work is a good example of a business that can integrate core aspects within its model to achieve social as well as commercial bene ts within the corporate world and local community. Alexandra hopes that her example will inspire others to do the same within the business world in the future.