And Dance

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And Dance

Sarah studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design at Birmingham City University. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, specialising in Garment Technology.

And Dance offers affordable made to measure costumes for ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as some ‘off the peg’ costumes and accessories. The idea for the business came from Sarah’s own love of ballroom dancing, where she designed and made her own costumes for competitions.

The BSEEN training provided access to what Sarah described as “expert workshops and tuition”, and by the end of it she felt in a much better position to launch her business. Sarah felt that the grant received through the programme had been one of the most useful elements of the support because she could make sample garments and “without the money I wouldn’t have been able to do that as well as I have”.

In Sarah’s opinion, the grant accelerated the creation of her business by around six to eight months as otherwise she would have had to get another job to gain sufficient capital to start the business. Based on a number of enquiries about bridal commissions, Sarah has a branched out into bridal accessories to form a sister company ‘Jarretelle Luxury Bridal Accessories’.

In the next two to three years, Sarah plans to continue growing her business and expand the made-to-measure element as it is the most pro table. She is also hoping to develop links with university dance societies as she believes there is a viable market in providing bulk team orders and start-up packs for those that are new to competitive dancing.