Megan Sheldon

Organisation:  Birmingham City University
Role: Trainee Employability Adviser (Enterprise)
Top Recommendation: The Business Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” for clear and concise insights into essential business concepts

Megan is an enthusiastic and determined Trainee Employability Adviser in Enterprise, dedicated to helping and supporting students and graduates to bring their business ideas to life. Her role involves providing guidance and creating innovative events to support students and graduates in developing their business skills and knowledge.

Having studied Fashion Business at University, covering aspects such as buying, merchandising, marketing, PR, international retailing and much more. This diverse experience equips her with valuable insights into business development, marketing, and event management.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Megan enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, attending concerts, and exploring new locations. She also has a passion for discovering unique finds at charity shops and local car boot sales.

Megan finds creative inspiration from her passion for fashion and design, channelling this enthusiasm to bring fresh perspectives to her professional ventures.