Luciana Gaspar Zamora

Organisation:  University College Birmingham
Role: Enterprise Consultant
Top Recommendation: Business Model Generation & Value Proposition Design (The Strategyzer Series), both books help to tackle the core challenge of every business!

Luciana joined University College Birmingham and the BSEEN team in January 2023. As Enterprise Consultant, Luciana acts as the first point of contact for students and graduates interested in BSEEN, supports eligible candidates in the preparation of their applications, helps the active cohort with grant requests and follows-up the progress of applicants to celebrate their success.

Luciana studied law and worked as corporate legal consultant for more than 10 years in Peru, her home country. After studying two master’s degrees in the UK (LLM International Commercial Law and MSc in International Trade, Strategy and Operations), Luciana started a business that involves international operations in the food industry. Additionally, she worked as a Projects Officer at Warwick Enterprise, the enterprise education arm within Warwick Innovation Group.

As champion of entrepreneurship at UCB, Luciana supports the development of business ideas and enterprise skills within the University by designing and delivering enterprise educational events throughout the academic year.

Luciana’s approach includes incorporating sustainability and authenticity as part of business models and corporate operations at all levels. If these topics attract you, speak with Luciana.