Howard Duffy

Organisation: Aston University
Role: Enterprise Consultant
Top Recommendation: The Startup van

Howard’s role focuses on supporting our student and graduate businesses; providing one to one guidance, managing our mentoring programme and creating opportunities for them to learn and grow. As well as BSEEN, Howard and the team are champions of entrepreneurship at Aston University, producing educational events throughout the academic year. 

Howard started his life supporting students as President of his Students’ Union. Since then he has become more and more passionate about supporting students to reach their potential. Being the second hire at a start-up he gained more experience and a drive to help those get the skills needed to launch their own business. He is now really keen to help connect people and will always look to support and push young businesses in the direction of the right people or resources on their entrepreneurial journey.

Howard comes from being Start-Up Advisor at the University of Surrey where he launched the first incubator there. Since leaving he has been a Consultant, running sprint programmes for national organisations. As well as assessing and developing instructors within the Army.

When he’s not at BSEEN, Howard enjoys playing and watching rugby, exploring local areas on walks and expanding his knowledge of wine.