Work Simplr

Founder(s): Shrevan Marath
Started: March 2019
Degree/University: BSc Sound Engineering and Production (Birmingham City University, 2016)
Sector: Technology // Virtual Working & Collaboration
Highlights So Far: Launching their virtual internship management and hosting platform.

The virtual co-working and collaboration platform.

Work Simplr is a virtual co-working platform for students, businesses and professionals to network and collaborate with each other. Students are able to access a free peer to peer marketplace to collaborate on projects, create new ideas and network with each other – unleashing their full potential. Work Simplr also works with universities and businesses to create more internship opportunities and simplify the management process through a completely virtual platform.

The idea behind Work Simplr came to Shrevan as many entrepreneurial ideas do – he was trying to solve a problem he himself had experienced while studying. Many students complete additional voluntary projects with their peers, but there is no real way to validate this type of experience with employers, and no easy way of connecting with other like-minded students.

Leaving behind his education in Sound Engineering, Shrevan set about launching the idea in early 2019 and revolutionising how students work together, with the support of BSEEN.

“The BSEEN networking events and access to universities has shown us the reality of what Work Simplr could provide to the average student. The idea has been tested and proved viable over many conversations and through multiple networking events”.

Since joining the programme, the Work Simplr online platform has been launched (beta version) and is being trialled at NatWest Accelerator, Birmingham City University and local business networks to enable virtual working and internships for a post COVID-19 economy.

The company is also currently working with tech start-ups and marketing firms to connect them to student interns and manage them through the platform.

Shrevan’s vision is to keep testing the beta platform of the platform, adding new exciting features for customers and to expand nationwide. His goal is to partner with all universities, businesses networks and SMEs across the West Midlands region to become the trusted virtual internship management platform.

“If you are passionate about it and believe in it, keep going. So as long as you have project built on passion, people will follow you and believe in you”.

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