Founder(s): Faruk Ojikutu
Started: March 2018
Degree/University: BSc Accounting for Management (Aston University, 2020)
Sector: Technology // Automotive
Highlights So Far: Generated £120k+ in revenue for the mechanics in the network.

One stop shop for all auto needs – automotive ecommerce made easier.

Weld (formerly Mechanlink) is a one stop shop for all auto needs – it’s automotive e-commerce made easier. Their mission is to improve Quality, Convenience and Trust in the automotive aftermarket.

While a student at Aston University, Faruk set out to solve a common problem – lack of transparency when it comes to the pricing of mechanic services, as well as a sense of distrust about whether you’re getting the best price and receiving the right service. Faruk’s goal was to give customers power in an industry which historically does not favour them.

Applying for BSEEN and dedicating his placement year to developing the idea gave Faruk the time and support to develop his business model and mobile app.

“BSEEN gave me a kick start when I had my idea but didn’t know how to get going – the workshops and networking have been invaluable”.

The free-to-use Weld platform provides users with a direct link to local mechanics, who are able to provide prices for customers’ jobs in real time, and are matched according to availability and need. Verified profiles and ratings enhance the feeling of trust for users.

Since starting up, Faruk has successfully crowdfunded via the Aston Go platform, as well as completing over 400 mechanic jobs.

The platform is seeing over £100,000 in transaction value and is currently operating in London, Birmingham, Luton, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes with goals of expanding further in UK in the near future and then internationally.

Faruk’s future vision for Weld is be the go to platform for all auto needs.

“Do the most basic version of your business ever and build around customer feedback and what works well. Building your solutions directly around customer feedback is a cheat code to building something people really need/want”.

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