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Founder(s): Nikhwat Marawat
Started: March 2018
Degree/University: LLB Law (Birmingham City University, 2018)
Sector: Social Enterprise // Health & Wellbeing
Highlights So Far: Representing the UK on behalf of the British Council for their Active Citizens Programme.

An award-winning social enterprise tackling mental health in the 21st Century with Muslim & interfaith communities.

The Delicate Mind CIC is an award-winning organisation focused on exploring faith, masculinity & identity and how they intersect/shape our mental health. By fostering great community cohesion through a variety of methods, they seek to de-stigmatise mental illness – with a particular focus on the Muslim community.

The organisation began as a small idea in co-founder Nikwat’s bedroom, after losing his brother to suicide in 2017. Having suffered such a personal tragedy, he had a strong desire to do something to help others – so turned to entrepreneurship, but with a purpose. Guided by personal experiences as well as deep understanding of the issues, their mission is to help to create a more educated, inclusive and fairer society and to empower the communities they wish to serve.

Through the Faith and Belief Forum, the team were connected to co-founder Nadia Khan, who was a natural fit. Joining BSEEN was another catalyst in the early days of their journey.

“Although I was originally attracted by the BSEEN grant as money is a material way to help ideas to happen, I was also interested by the guidance and tutelage available across the programme. I found the process fun in conceptualising the idea and presenting it to the relevant people and hearing their responses to our idea.”

Since then, TDM has continually expanded; delivered mental health workshops locally and internationally, delivered a variety of talks, developed research, delivered real practical support and is creating in-house community mental health services.

They been featured across multiple media platforms and has worked with reputable organisations such as prisons (HMP Stafford), youth clubs (YMCA Coventry and Warwickshire), faith organisations (The Inter Faith Network) the third sector (Common Purpose) and public health bodies (Public Health Birmingham).

Nikhwat and the team continue to have big goals for the organisation and their mission. The work they do is only set to become more and more important in the difficult times we face – the WHO has stated that by 2030, depression will be the leading public health crisis.

“Have an end goal in mind and be sure to communicate this vision with people so they wish to join you. As human beings we connect with people emotionally and so long as you have a clear vision in your mind and heart, you can elevate your own energy and inspire others to want to come with you on your journey”.

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