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Founder(s): Bobby Bradstock
Started: March 2019
Degree/University: MSc Integrative Psychology (Newman University, 2019)
Sector: Health
Highlights So Far: Putting the name plaque above the door of her first office.

A private, confidential service committed to facilitating your journey to better mental health.

Serenity Psychotherapy is the private practice of Bobby Bradstock, a qualified Psychotherapist for Adults in the South Birmingham and Warwickshire area. The company ethos is ‘creating prospect for growth through human connection’.

Founder Bobby had studied at Newman University for both an undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, becoming a qualified Psychotherapist with several years’ experience as a psychotherapist. Although Bobby was always keen to set up a private practice, the opportunity to launch the business came around quite unintentionally. Bobby decided to give a beer mat business idea competition a go, and won – and the journey started there.

“Although I didn’t identify as a budding entrepreneur, BSEEN sounded like just what I needed to give me the confidence and foundations to start to really build my private practice.”

Bobby has now opened two offices in Birmingham, and is directing several projects which work with children, young people and their families to facilitate their mental health and future sense of value within society. Having collaborated with tuition providers, social enterprises, and holistic wellbeing providers, and having held a networking event with Santander in Central Birmingham, Serenity Psychotherapy is hopeful to expand and continue to make new connections.

Bobby’s plans for the future include starting to offer online video counselling for chronically ill individuals who are unable to leave the house due to their illness. There is also intention to expand Serenity Psychotherapy into a clinic for other therapists to become a part of, and even provide placements for new students looking to pursue a career in psychology.

“Just say yes, figure the rest out later and ASK FOR HELP! If you have the drive, energy and the passion to make things happen, you will.”

Bobby Bradstock

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