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Founder(s): Ryan Bayliss and Laura Miele
Started: September 2016
Degree/University: BA Visual Communication (Birmingham City University, 2016)
Sector: Digital Media
Highlights So Far: Working with their biggest brands from Coca-Cola, San Miguel, Manchester City Premiere League and Carlsberg.

A collective of content makers who creatively push your business and art to its visual limit.

Save As are a Birmingham based team of collective videographers and photographers. They work solely with brands to showcase and strengthen their true potential by providing intricate case studies and in-house training videos with their signature flair of creativity. 

The two creatives behind the company, Laura and Ryan, had a desire to transfer their passion for motion to the graphic design world, and help brands to explore the power of digital to reach their consumers.

So, after graduation they started out on their own, making the most of contacts in their immediate network by completing projects with Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham and outsourced work from major local companies such as Superdream and LIFE Agency. BSEEN offered a springboard from idea into the real world.

“Applying as final year students, having loved the support of our course tutors, we wanted to be able to create a new place for us to call home once we had left! BSEEN seemed like a perfect way to progress from university into the real world without having to go it alone”

As their profile has grown, they’ve refined the services they offer and built an impressive client base including Coca-Cola, Vue Cinemas, San Miguel and Punch Records. Save As are now a team consisting of multiple contractors, expanding their capabilities across several areas such as 3D Design and Set Design.

They are still involved with BSEEN and Birmingham City University, offering training and opportunities to the next wave of student designers and entrepreneurs.

In the next few years, they plan to continue to work with BSEEN helping businesses with branding/marketing, and support other local businesses to launch.

“It sounds very cliché, but our top tip has to be networking. Every connection we’ve made, from a previous contact we’ve known, a dedicated networking event, casual meet up, drinks, we always seem to gain something from them – even if it’s a few months down the line”.

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