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Founder(s): Alix Samuda
Started: April 2017
Degree/University: MSc Business Psychology (Coventry University, 2016)
Sector: Beauty // Ecommerce
Highlights So Far: Selling out of products at the UK Beauty Show (NEC)

Vegan and cruelty-free natural make-up.

Mudd Beauty is a natural makeup brand designed to perfect the balance between high colour pigments, botanicals and natural oils, without any toxic chemicals. Like other brands, Mudd aims to enhance your own natural beauty, but also to align with your health values.

After her mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, Alix adopted a healthier organic lifestyle – and started to question the toxic formulas and potential long term impact of some of her regular cosmetics on her sensitive skin. This prompted her to start investigating natural beauty products that would offer the same high quality pigments as her favourite brands, but be kinder on her skin and the environment. Her research led her to another issue – a lack of high quality makeup for women with deeper skin tones.

These two opportunities came together to give Alix the nudge she needed to form Mudd Beauty, and she applied to BSEEN to make her dream a reality.

“Without BSEEN I wouldn’t be where I am because I didn’t know where to start. Later on, my mentor helped me with trademarking and legal compliance – an area I was completely new to”.

Alix launched her liquid lipsticks at an event at The Cube, instantly selling out the bulk of her first range – and she’s not looked back since. As her customer base and product range has grown, she’s remained true to her mission; to create and inspire a healthier way to enhance your beauty without compromising your skin, endocrine system and the environment.

The future for Mudd is looking bright. Alix plans to continue to invest in growing her ecommerce store, new product ranges and in time become a household name stocked in major retailers.

“My top tip would be to just start. Your business doesn’t have to be perfect, but you have to start to get anywhere”.

Alix Samuda
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