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Founder(s): Madiha Khusar
Started: March 2018
Degree/University: MSc Enterprise Management (University College Birmingham, 2019)
Sector: Beauty // Ecommerce
Highlights So Far: Learning that many customers have tried and loved our Rejuvenating Moisturiser and use as part of their daily skincare routine.

More than just skincare, skincare that takes care of you

LYF is a skincare brand providing all-in-one products to fit customers’ lifestyles and values. All products are vegan, organic and Halal certified with the added benefits of super-fruit extracts.

Founder Madiha was studying BA Hons Marketing Management, and discovered she had an entrepreneurial side. Going on to study a Masters in Enterprise Management at UCB, she found her passion both for business and skincare which came together at the right time to start up her new venture.

In part, Madiha was solving her own problem; she couldn’t find skincare on the market that provided all-in-one benefits that catered to discolouration, fading dark spots and fine lines, but that also avoided toxic, cheap and animal-derived ingredients. LYF tackles this with the power of super-fruits, using the beneficial properties of goji, acai and passion fruit extracts, as well as being transparent about what’s in all of their UK-manufactured products.

“What I have learnt the most from my BSEEN journey is how to present and pitch my business idea to customers. LYF Cosmetics is more than just a skincare brand, it is personal to me and that is what drives me to grow my business each and every day.”

Madiha joined BSEEN to kick start her entrepreneurial journey, using the grant to develop her initial brand identity and materials.

Having grown a customer base through social media and the ecommerce site, Madiha is now keen to build on her early successes and exhibit at industry trade shows and build partnerships with retailers.

“My advice to aspiring entrepreneurial students and graduates would be to start a business in an area they feel passionate about, as this idea will grow to build the strongest foundation possible for a business”.

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