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Founder(s): Shivang Mehra
Started: March 2019
Degree/University: BSc Business & Management (Aston University, 2017)
Sector: Fitness Apparel // Ecommerce
Highlights So Far: Seeing people wearing the brand and sharing the motivation they get from it.

Improve your Fitness. Improve your Wardrobe. Improve your World.

Kryjer is a premium athletic and lifestyle brand, offering high quality activewear and technical apparel for men and women. Kryjer is more than just a name, it’s a key value for the company; derived from the Dutch word ‘Krijger’ which means ‘Warrior’, the team are fighting to achieve big things and make a difference.

After his placement year, founder Shivang spotted a gap in the rapidly growing activewear market for affordable yet high quality, durable clothing that fitted the needs of different sports and different individuals – not just the super fit, stereotypical gym goer you usually see from other brands.

Leveraging family experience in the apparel market, as well as skills honed during his industrial placement and insight from his own health transformation, Shivang set out creating his first range of garments after graduating with the support of BSEEN.

“BSEEN empowered and encouraged me to start the business. I had the opportunity to attend workshops and networking events where I learnt skills which in my opinion are essential for any budding entrepreneur”.

After designing and manufacturing his initial range, Kryjer has gone from strength to strength. The company has exhibited at major trade shows such as the National Running Show at the NEC, and is working with a variety of influencers to grow their audience.

After seeing steady growth during their first year, Shivang’s goal is now to expand their product lines into new sports (with a focus on running apparel, for example), improve the sustainability of their garments and launch a new content hub called Kryjerworld. Kryjer are also in discussion with major retailers and plan to sign up new stockists in the new future.

“My best advice is to ‘Keep dreaming big and keep trying hard’. I think it is really important for everyone to give their dreams a try and wherever or whenever needed ask for help and guidance.”

Shivang Mehra

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