Neil Herman

Neil Herman

General Manager at H&R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd

Working as a mentor within the BSEEN project has provided me with a fascinating opportunity to work alongside a number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs taking their first steps into business.

The commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by all of the business owners is extremely refreshing and I have regularly been amazed by the incredible desire and motivation some of them demonstrate not only to drive their businesses forward but also to make the world a better place.

My time working as a Mentor over the past 3 years has given me many chances to listen to and discuss some of the wonderful ideas and options that many of the start-up businesses are thinking about, and hopefully some of my advice has been useful to the various businesses that I have worked with.

The support from the Aston-based BSEEN team has been outstanding and contributed significantly to my own development by allowing me an insight into the business start-up world. It’s very encouraging to see that a number of businesses started on the BSEEN scheme over the last few years have continued to develop and mature and are now becoming well-established enterprises.

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